Should we not be helping British families?

All the Churches in Ashtead are already committed to helping families in our area and in other locations via our Mission giving. We will continue to do this but feel that the current migrant crisis calls us to provide additional support to those displaced from their homes.

Does this take a house from a local family?

The Government Scheme SVPRS (Syrian Vulnerable Person’s Re-Settlement Scheme) does not allow local authorities or Sponsorship groups to use social housing. Housing must be sought from the private rented sector only.

Who selects the family?

The selection of suitable families is made by the United Nations who are working on the ground in refugee camps and with displaced people in the countries surrounding Syria. Any family will be thoroughly vetted and checked before their arrival, the Sponsorship group will get details about the family approximately 6 weeks before they arrive.

Do the family have to claim Asylum?

No, under this scheme the family are given automatic right to remain once they arrive in the Country. At the moment this is for a 5 year period. This entitles them to benefits and support such as schooling, college places, etc.